1.Tenants of te apartment, guest room(s), glamping tent or camping pitch can make reservations via the website’s reservation form. This method of reservation is binding on both parties.

2.By making a reservation, these booking conditions between lessee and lessor become effective.

3.The person making the reservation (lessee) is severally liable for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from the booking agreement, both of himself and of his fellow travellers.

Booking order and payment

1.Every reservation order will be confirmed by Landgoed Wilgenheerd by means of a reservation confirmation.

2.Within 10 days after receipt of the confirmation, the renter will pay a deposit of the rent. Information regarding the amount and manner of the down payment will be stated on the reservation confirmation. At the moment that the down payment has been received by Landgoed Wilgenheerd, your reservation is final.

3.The remainder of the rent is to be paid on the spot via pin or bank transfer.

4.Tenant is due the full amount of the rent, including all orders made, as mentioned on the reservation confirmation. This also applies to later arrival or earlier departure of renter than stated on the booking confirmation.

5.In the event of late payment, Landgoed Wilgenheerd is entitled to cancel the reservation.

Cancellation by the tenant

1.Cancellation by the tenant must be communicated to Landgoed Wilgenheerd by e-mail.

2.After receipt of the cancellation Landgoed Wilgenheerd will send a confirmation of the cancellation.

3.If cancellation takes place within 14 days after the reservation confirmation, the down payment will be refunded by Landgoed Wilgenheerd.

4.For cancellation after these 14 days and up to 8 weeks before commencement of the rental period, the tenant will owe 50% of the rental sum.

5.In the event of cancellation as from 8 weeks before commencement of the hire period, the full amount will be payable by the lessee.

6.Reservations that have been cancelled cannot be transferred to third parties unless the tenant receives digital permission from Landgoed Wilgenheerd.

Cancellation by Landgoed Wilgenheerd

1.If circumstances compel Landgoed Wilgenheerd to cancel the rented accommodation, Landgoed Wilgenheerd will inform the renter immediately and, if possible, offer an alternative.

2.If an alternative cannot be offered, or if the tenant does not accept the alternative, Landgoed Wilgenheerd will immediately refund the full amount already paid by the tenant. The renter has no more or other right than to claim back this amount.

Cancellation insurance

1.Landgoed Wilgenheerd advises every tenant to take out cancellation insurance. In the event of cancellation, the tenant may claim a full or partial refund of the rental sum, provided that the reason for cancellation falls within the insurance cover.

Liability of the hirer

1.During the stay at Landgoed Wilgenheerd, the tenant is fully responsible for the rented flat and its furnishings, the rented tent pitch and/or rented tent, and all the items belonging to the rented object.

2.The tenant will immediately and fully compensate the lessor for any damage caused by himself or his travelling companions and/or pets.

Liability of the lessor

1.Landgoed Wilgenheerd cannot accept any liability for loss or theft, damage or injury, of any nature whatsoever, inflicted on the tenant or caused by other tenants.

2.Landgoed Wilgenheerd is not responsible for damage caused by natural violence, natural disasters, attacks, strikes, violence or accidents.

3.Use of the facilities and grounds of the Landgoed Wilgenheerd is at the tenant’s own risk.

COVID 19 policy Landgoed Wilgenheerd

1.The Dutch RIVM guidelines in force at the time of your stay naturally also apply to the Landgoed Wilgenheerd

  1. If at the time of your stay there is a travel ban or one of the owners has Covid 19, we will close Wilgenheerd and you will be reimbursed the full amount of your reservation (or the remaining amount of the rented accommodation if you are already staying).

3.If you (or one of your travel companions) have Covid 19 or need to go into quarantine because of an infected contact, we will try to find a solution in the form of rescheduling dates etc. If this does not work, the regular cancellation conditions for the tenant as described above will apply. Hence our advice to take out a cancellation insurance.


We ask you to discuss any complaints with us directly and we will deal with them in all fairness and reasonableness.

We agree with you that…

1.You can move into the rented property on the day of arrival from 15.00 hours.

2.On the day of departure, the rented property must be vacated by 10.30 a.m. at the latest.

3.You are required to pay any other costs no later than the evening before your departure.

4.You are required to return the rented property in the same condition as when you arrived.