On the move!

Winding dykes, high skies, mounds (don’t call them terps!), moors and gullies; the Hogeland is a landscape to endlessly cycle, walk or boating through. Large farms stand like beacons in the landscape, small locks allow boats to pass. Stately bastions are surrounded by tall trees. These are places that make history almost tangible.



Routebureau Groningen offers a wealth of walking, cycling and boating routes. The network of junctions is used, making it easy to put together customised routes. At Wilgenheerd you will find walking route 53 and, 250 metres away, cycling route 21. Canoeing and boating routes are available on clear maps. Just get in the boat on the spot and boat away!  Arjan also knows his way around, so feel free to ask us!


Long distance routes

Then there are parts of long-distance cycling and walking routes near Wilgenheerd. The best known is of course the Pieterpad, of which the first two stages go from Pieterburen via Winsum to the city of Groningen. The Pronkjewailpad is a walking/cycling route, of which the left loop of the northern route (250 km in total) runs over the Hogeland, along many prong jewels (castles, palaces, mills and more). Of the Nederlands Kustpad 3, stages 9, 10 and 11 run from Lauwersoog via Niekerk to Baflo. A nice day walk of over 20 km is the Vijf Wierdenroute with a start and finish in Winsum.

Routes Lauwersmeer

Of the 11 nature areas in the province of Groningen  the Lauwersmeer  National Park is the most special. More than 100 bird species breed in this wilderness of water, islands, woods, reed beds and rough grasslands. Also very special ones like the spoonbill, stiltcock, phalarope and sea eagle! But you will also find herds of wild horses and cattle.

You can walk, cycle or sail beautifully in this area.

Het Lauwersnest, activity center of Staatsbosbeheer, is full of information about the area. Sign up for a tracking excursion or a night walk with the forester. Lauwermeer National Park has been declared a Dark Sky Park, here it is really dark at night….