…..where salt and fresh meet, where sea and salty air connect, where the senses are stimulated to the fullest, where you can see and be…., discover it for yourself and explore!

Winsum: the most beautiful village in the Netherlands!

Chosen last year by the ANWB: a beautiful village with lovely little streets to wander through, two churches and two windmills to explore, the Winsumerdiep with its lovely waterside terraces and cosy restaurants. Join a guided village tour and discover the history of the twin village of Winsum-Obergum. Every Saturday: duration 2 hours.

Old churches

The medieval churches on the mounds have nearly all been restored and can be visited. Some are still used as churches, others have exhibition spaces or concert halls and in one church (Klein Wetsinge) you can even have lunch! The tower of Hornhuizen’s church used to be a beacon for the shipping on the Wadden Sea, now you can climb it and enjoy the beautiful view over the Wadden coast!  The pilgrimage church in Warfhuizen is still inhabited by a Roman Catholic hermit. The exuberant baroque interior is unique for the north. The church of Ezinge lies on a beautiful spot and is particularly old with its loose tower. On groningerkerken.nl you will find many more!


Domies Toen (garden of the vicar) lies at the foot of the Petruskerk in Pieterburen; a botanical garden with a surprising variety of atmospheres. It is known for its collection of early-flowering garden plants. It includes a small tearoom with a terrace at the medieval dobbe (=watering place). The garden of Borg Verhildersum is a symmetrical garden in Old Dutch style. Apart from the borders and herb garden, it has 90 species of roses and 50 species of clematises! Scattered in the garden are beautiful bronze statues by Eddy Roos.


Wilgenheerd estate looks out on the eastern side of the mound village of Eenrum. You can walk there or take our motorboat to moor in the middle of the village! Here you will find, among other things, Abrahams Mustard Mill, where the real Groningen mustard comes from, Korenmolen de Lelie (flourmill), which is still in regular operation and contains a bakery for flour, bread and lily biscuits, and Kaarsenmakerij Wilhelmus, where you can still make your own candles. All three are well worth a visit. By the way, you can also have lunch or dinner in the Mustard Factory.

Pure local products

The Wadden land is full of surprising flavors and gives beautiful pure local products. See how it grows and taste it! From the mud flats themselves come delicious oysters, landshrimps, marsh samphire and of course all kinds of fish. Go along on one of the fishing trips or visit the eel smokehouse in Zoutkamp or the fish workshop at ‘t Ailand. The fertile clay fields produce, among other things, grain, sugar beets, potatoes and mustard seed. Visit the producers on the land and taste the spicy mustard from Landgoud, spelt rolls from Stoet and Ainvoud and don’t forget the famous egg ball; Unesco heritage on your plate!