The Wadden Sea

This special Unesco Wadden Sea World Heritage  Site is a unique world with two fantastic faces: one moment everything is under water and the next moment you can walk on the seabed. Nowhere else in the world is there such a dynamic landscape formed by tides and wind… The Wadden Islands lie like pearls in the sea, each with their own character.

Wad hiking

An adventurous way to discover the Wadden Sea! You literally experience how it feels to walk on the bottom of the sea. You will make an unforgettable trip across dry sandbanks and salt marshes, through mud flats and (in)deep gullies. A wanderer’s tour, a crossing to Schier, or a tour with sunrise or sunset. Under the guidance of an experienced Wadden Sea guide, you will learn a lot about the tides and about life on the Wadden Sea. Wilgenheerd has local guides who walk with small groups. Last year, Arjan started a two-year course to become a Wadden guide and he regularly accompanies walks.


A day on Schiermommoloog completes your holiday at Wilgenheerd. The ferry takes you there within an hour and you can cycle or stroll all over the island in a day. The Kobbeduinen is the wildest salt marsh of the Netherlands, where countless birds brood in the spring. De Marlijn is the best lunch spot on the island, right on the expansive North Sea beach. And of course, the lighthouse and the water tower may not be missed on your route. The village on the island is cosy; full of terraces and the famous old hotel-restaurant van der Werff.


Wadden expedition

For those who love the Wadden Sea but do not like walking across it, we recommend VanhetWad. Casper & Anja organise mudflat expeditions for young and older adventurers. In the season, there are weekly trips with the shrimp cutter ZK9 and the expedition ship Dolphin. Seal spotting, stories and facts about the Wadden Sea & the Wadden Sea, a beachcomber’s trip on Schier, fishing for sea jewels with a cornet: these are all part of the expeditions. They also organise themed expeditions for a special mudflat experience, such as Wadfulness or the sensitive plate (photo expedition). On request, tailor-made expeditions for a group of friends or family are also possible.